Believing in storytelling and the storytellers

The living epistles

Jolene O. 22, Varsity student

"In my journey towards wellness, she has equipped me with both direction and the means to achieve momentum; she never pressures her clients, but instead ensures we understand who we take action or make commitments for—ourselves. Boo has helped me see a bigger and therefore more beautiful picture of what it means to tend to one’s own wellbeing. Choosing to start (and continue) coaching sessions with Boo has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!"

Geraldine Gauthier 45, Mentor Coach

"Boo is a very insightful, sensitive, and perceptive person. She has invested in her natural talents to become a coach and help people overcome their personal barriers in their life.Thanks to her creative mindset, deep empathy, intuition, and mindful presence, she can really make a difference for many people, in the creative world that she loves and knows very well, and beyond."

Shangyou B. 30, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Semi-Pro Gamer

"As somebody who deals with a lot of uncertainty and stress in both my personal life and professional career, Boo's coaching has really helped me get a better grasp on my mental and emotional health. She always creates an inexplicably welcoming and open environment in all her Enneagram classes, and I am constantly surprised at how comfortable I am being open and sharing my personal thoughts in them. With her help, I've learnt to better understand my personal motivations and thoughts and take crucial steps forward in my life towards self-improvement and strengthening my personal relationships with loved ones."

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