A Way To Your Story.

About Way

A storytelling studio.

- Film production
- Immersive experience creative direction
- Card game designer and developer
- XR game designer and developer
- Wellness coaching

Finding ways to navigate our time and worlds, giving sense and meaning to stories lived and yet lived, to the generations past and those still in the making.

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The Founder -
Andrea Boo

Boo believes in storytelling, design, education, empowerment, wellness and strategy. Through the years of pioneering creative teams in various schools and organisations, she has empowered creatives to create campaigns, events, design solutions.  

After completing her Bachelors in filmmaking, she continued to pioneer creative filmmaking and storytelling teams from scratch by teaching, leading, directing and writing. Her works are not confined to the screens. They span stages, experiences, social media and various multimedia platforms. As a creative director, she believes in both storytelling and the storytellers. Hence, she spends her time coaching creatives as well. While being an inspiring creative leader, Boo has a neck of dreaming and strategising towards what the future holds. She loves celebrating the strengths of her peers and team members, believing that differences can complete and not always compete.

Having played managerial and creative leadership roles through diverse cultures and backgrounds, Boo is excited to be able to see the big picture needs, while leveraging and maximising on the strength of her team to hit the markers for stakeholders and audiences.

In the past 15 years of making projects happen, Boo is privileged to have worked across disciplines with stage designers, architects, technical directors, engineers, fashion-designers, music directors, singers, dancers and designers to create experiences and campaigns for films, events and stages. She has played the roles of Lead Producer, Director, Creative Director, Manager, Coach, Leader, Writer.

Curious and intrigued by the essence of being human and woman, Boo’s content creation explores themes of human struggles, wholeness, spirituality, redemption and empowerment. Both her films and creative media expressions have found audience with hundreds of thousands.